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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered



  1. A lot of people seem to be spreading the “creative” word these days, and while it’s nice to think that these well-intentioned conferences and cardboard city projects are providing “creative” forums for us non-designer folk to show that we too can be creative, that’s not going to make serving lattes or scrubbing toilets any more glamourous.

    We need to realize that we can’t just throw around blanket words like creativity as a means of improving the quality of lives for everyone without pairing it with concrete infrastructure that provide people with what they really need: social programs, housing, security, health care. These issues, moreso that bike lanes, late night cafes and fashion, are the real needs of those “potentially creative” individuals.

  2. You couldn’t be more right! We certainly need the infrastructure. That is the goal.

    The word creative has been over taken by popular media .. So let’s say: engaging, play, fun, forward thinking.

    Whatever vocabulary you decide upon, the point is we need to start doing things differently because the way we have been doing them have created these undesirable situations we are in.

    And, really, a better quality of life has a lot to do with having more fun!