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Events Guide: Going backwards/Moving forwards

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HALIFAX – Tie your shoe laces, dig out your fluorescent track pants, strap on your reflectors and bring any other walking devices/favourites (friends included) for this not to be missed backwards walk!  Look out for Eryn Foster, your friends and anyone else who wants to join her, in her last scheduled performance walk for Wanders in the Yonder, Going Backwards/Moving Forwards.

Going Backwards/Moving Forwards is a reverse wander which will commence at the Point Pleasant Lodge on November 29, 2009 at 1pm. Eryn and participating wanderers will walk backwards from Point Pleasant Park to Citadel Hill.

Wanders in the Yonder was a series of walking-based art activities, lectures and performances organized by Eryn Foster, artist-in-residence at Point Pleasant Park Lodge (a HRM, Cultural Affairs sponsored project).

WHAT: Wanders in the Yonder
WHEN: November 29, 2009 at 1pm
WHERE: Point Pleasant Lodge, Point Pleasant Park, Halifax
WEBSITE: for more information email Eryn Foster at eefoster(at)gmail(dot)com

Special note: Wear bright coloured clothing (neon is perfect), dress warmly and wear appropriate foot-wear.