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  1. While I’m guessing you’re joking with the Merry Christmas quip, I don’t quite see the problem with the whole councilor salary “compensation,” since that’s what they were doing: fixing a mistake caught in a formula to calculate their salary which had resulted in them getting paid less than their contract stipulated.

    Crying foul at council raises seems completely wrong-headed, in my opinion. Raising councilor salaries simply means that running for council becomes an option for anyone to attempt, despite their financial situation. Although it looks bad when, often enough, those salaries go to councilors who are already privately wealthy, keeping councilor salaries at a reasonable level is inherently more democratic because it means that anyone, irrespective of wealth, can quit their day job, sit on council, and still support a family, pay the rent, cover the grocery bills, etc.

    It’s also a sign that we value the work they do and that it’s important they do it well. That’s why we pay them the big bucks!

  2. I don’t think that was the thrust of the article. And I agree.

    Optics wise, however, it’s pretty damn bad timing.

    But I wouldn’t argue that councilors are over-paid, nor that they should not receive adequate compensation for the hard work they do.

  3. I’ve always liked how traffic is reminiscent of clogged nasal passages. A plan to relieve congestion via a better transit system with more cute ferries is just the sneeze Halifax needs.