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Events Guide: Out Now Speedy

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CHARLOTTETOWN – After last week’s radio interview on the local CBC morning radio show, the folks over at the Institute for Bioregional Studies dropped me a line to do what Spacing, in whatever flavour you take it, does best — connect people together.  Nancy Willis and Phil Ferraro hold monthly discussions on pressing social issues in and around Charlottetown.  The meeting this month is scheduled for Tuesday, January 19th and will address the implications of the new business tax strategy, particularly those elements that encourage non-conforming businesses to relocate to the periphery of the city.  I’ve cut and pasted their notification below — this is a definite must for Spacing readers, even if it means re-arranging the calender to attend.

WHAT: Out Now Speedy: IBS – PEI Social Forum
WHERE: 114 Upper Prince Street, Charlottetown
WHEN: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 @ 7:00 p.m.
HOW MUCH: Free (but please bring snack/refreshment to share)
WEBSITE: Institute for Bioregional Studies

The Institute for Bioregional Studies Ltd. (IBS), invites you to join our Social Forums. Each event begins at 7:00 p.m. with a presentation and informal discussion. The intent is to share ideas and inform each other about social issues affecting our future. Each forum is held at 114 Upper Prince Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. There is no fee; however please bring a snack and/or refreshment to share during the discussion.

On August 10, 2008 a propane explosion at the Sunrise Propane facility in Toronto forced the evacuation of 12,000 people within 1.6 Km of the site. According to reports, nearby residents were terrified as flying metal from exploding tanks damaged houses, shattered windows and ripped doors off hinges as 200 firefighters struggled to contain nearby spot fires caused by the intense heat.Is a similar accident waiting to happen, in Charlottetown, at Speedy Propane, on Allen Street? Starting January 1, 2010 the municipality is offering a tax incentive for undesirable industrial development to move out of Charlottetown. While the incentive might be a nice gesture, perhaps Speedy needs a slight budge.

On Tuesday evening January 19 come join us to discuss this immediate concern as well as other issues (i.e cosmetic pesticides, street lighting, and noise pollution) that threaten the health, safety and well being of our city.

Watch an amateur video of the Toronto propane explosion and read the story of the aftermath.

photo by Island Kimbit