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Transformation in store for CBC building site

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HALIFAX – Big plans are in store for the CBC building site at the corner of Sackville and South Park Streets, reports the Chronicle-Herald.

Following four years of study, the CBC’s aging structure has been slated for demolition to make way for a new 500,000 square foot development. Neighbours the YMCA — who have teamed up with CBC Radio Canada to come up with a development proposal — currently expect the site to include new YMCA facilities, office retail space, a public atrium, 200+ residential units and a 100 room boutique hotel.

While we’ll still have to wait until a private developer is chosen before we start seeing potential designs, there’s good reason to get excited over these downtown rumblings. Amoung other things, the project’s design principles seem to recognize the importance of the site for peninsular Halifax and the surrounding community. Hopefully this means that enlivening the streetscape and providing public spaces will not be forgotten in the planning process.

With the Fenwick community consultation processes (see their facebook video for more info on this) in mind, here’s hoping the public get’s a similar opportunity to influence the project as it goes forward. Since it is the YMCA, this probably isn’t too much to expect.

photo by Steve Dinn



  1. The CBC building may be old & tired but not nearly as old & tired as the “not feasible for preservation” excuse that we hear way too much. Demolition seems to always be the first & “only” option. The CBC building is a distinctive and unique landmark in Halifax and it would be a major loss were it to disappear. That said, the architects’ renderings on the YMCA website appear to maintain the appearance of the CBC building, at least from the inside, and the design principles expressed give hope that the new building could turn out to be at least as beautiful as the existing CBC building. Who are MNA Architects and what else have they done?

  2. This should be interesting, but another hotel?

  3. “The CBC building is a distinctive and unique landmark” … perhaps, but hardly an attractive one.