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Events Guide: PechaKucha Night 4 Haiti

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PechaKucha Night 4 Haiti

HALIFAX – PechaKucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas, works, and thoughts — just about anything really. The idea behind PechaKucha is to have many people sharing their thoughts and work within the course of one night. Therefore the 20×20 PechaKucha format was created: 20 images + each shown for 20 seconds = 6 minutes 40 seconds per presenter + 14 presenters = 1 wild night.

The global PechaKucha family is coming together with Architecture for Humanity (AFH) to lend a hand in rebuilding Haiti and establishing long-term solutions. On February 20, the 276 cities that host PechaKucha events worldwide will converge to present one continuous 24-hour edition of PechaKucha Night. Kicking off at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo, where PechaKucha Night was first conceived seven years ago, the presentation wave will travel, crossing all times zones and cultures. The event will be streamed live online and then finish in Tokyo the following day.

It was too late for the team at Breakhouse Inc to re-organize and move this event to the 20th. But, Halifax will be participating by recording one of our local presenters and sending it to PechaKucha headquarters to be shown on PechaKucha Global Day. All proceeds will go to Architecture for Humanity for rebuilding Haiti. AFH operates globally, and was instrumental in getting projects built after the Indian Ocean tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. The design costs for the new buildings in Haiti have been already covered so all donations will go directly toward the construction of much needed schools, health clinics and community structures.

WHAT: PechaKucha Night 4 Haiti
WHERE: Seahorse Tavern
WHEN: Tuesday, February 16 @ 7pm – 10pm
HOW MUCH: $6 (proceeds donated to Architecture for Humanity’s Haiti relief program)