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A New Space in Fredericton to Explore Space

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Co-written by Giovanni Paquin & Andrew Matheson

FREDERICTON – As of February 11th, Fredericton’s Gallery Connexion has opened the doors of its new home in the Chestnut Complex on 440 York Street. The inaugural exhibition of the gallery’s new location is presenting Nomadic Landscapes, an interactive art and architecture installation by José Luis Torres, a sculptor whose works have been showcased in exhibitions, residencies and symposiums in South America, North America and Europe.

I was fortunate enough to attend the opening night of the exhibit, explore the installation and take a few photos . It is a multi-layered (thematically and physically) structure built from found materials and explores themes such as the ‘safety of home’, and individual perceptions of space. For my part, I found it to be invigorating to explore the many spaces and pathways within the installation. After having gone in and out and through the installations many spaces, I found it just as intriguing to observe how others explored the spaces. This exhibit will run through to March 25th.

photos by Giovanni Paquin