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Events Guide: HFX bike party!

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Halifax – In the past few months, the North St. Church has hosted a bevy of big, bodacious biking bonanzas! The next big party — organized by and catered to our Velocipedal friends — will be happening today, April Fools Day (I kid you not!). Along with killer bikes and the best soundtrack of the night, the party will feature excerpts from V-Day Dal Vagina Monologues Productions and a Live Painting by Sharon Hodgson, which will be auctioned off at the end of the night.

So brave the streets of Halifax with your friends and come out and support cycling!

WHAT: Music for Bikes!
WHERE: North Street Church (Corner of Fuller Terrace and North St.)
WHEN: Thurs, Apr 1 @ 8pm
HOW MUCH: By Donation (All donations go to Helen and Genevieve’s Otesha Bike Tours!)

photo by Hugh Pouliot