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Monday Musing

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co-hosted by Veronica Simmonds

If coffee doesn’t quite spark your brain on Mondays, get your juices flowing with Spacing Atlantic’s musing of the week. We pose a question – you think, write, comment, share philosophies, facts, ideas or opinions. We will summarize the discussion and provide musings of our own. Don’t be shy! Comment away ..

Were you first in line to see the Queen while she was in Halifax? Did you stay at home in protest? Did you dress up as her and parade in your own beautiful hat? Were you indifferent? Why is that so??



  1. I sipped my earl grey and thought…she’s sort of cool, but not cool enough to wait in the rain for.

  2. Spending money to put the Queen up in Halifax — essentially so we can gawk at her silly hats and listen to her say patronizing things about Canada’s development — is pretty ridiculous, if you ask me.