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Events Guide: Reel Downtown 2010

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Reel Downtown

ST JOHN’S – If you have ever walked down Solomon’s Lane in St. John’s, past the illustrious Ship Pub, you would have seen a massive blank wall to the office building, on the other side of a parking lot. The area has high traffic, being located in betwen Water Street and Duckworth Street, in the heart of downtown. You may have thought, as I did “that would be a great place for a mural”.

The Nickle Independent Film Festival has done us one better. They are projecting films onto the wall! For the four Monday nights in July people can come down and enjoy a variety of different types of film, for FREE!

So far we have seen the finale of the much-beloved Republic of Doyle series and 8 movie shorts from Newfoundland artists. Tonight will be the Bingo Robbers, a film directed by Lois Brown and Barry Newhook and produced by Dana Warren. The series will conclude July 26th with My Ancestors were Rouges and Murderers, a documentary by Anne Troake.

The whole idea is brilliant to me, and is a fantastic way to bring people together to enjoy the beautiful summer weather (while we can get it). It is exposing the public to some of the amazing talent we have in film making here in the province, and best of all, it is free. What else can you get for that these days?

So, make sure to stop on down tonight, bring a chair (and maybe a blanket), and enjoy some good old outdoor film, compliments of the Nickle Independent Film Festival.

WHAT: Reel Downtown 2010 – the Bingo Robbers
WHERE: Solomon’s Lane, Water St.
WHEN: Monday, July 19th 9pm