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Local Craft Mystery

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HALIFAX – For over a year now, installations like these have been cropping up all over the city. A pop-up shop of sorts with only one item for sale: pieces of painted wood with ‘Cruise Halifax’ stamped on the back and timely messages on the front.

The labelled messages usually reference a large-scale event in town and oftentimes draw on an emotion of civic pride, with a polite plea to purchase one of the artifacts. Along with the milkcrate, plaque or shopping cart that serve to display the various local crafts, is a donation receptacle. No salesperson or artist in sight.

Does anyone have any information about the mastermind behind the artwork? Any theories? Have you ever purchased a piece? Spacing wants to know!

halifax appreciates

halifax blossoms

nice and you and me


photos by Katie McKay



  1. I have no idea who makes them, but i have purchased one before (during pride).  I like the idea of guerrilla crafts, so even though the quality of these is sometimes questionable, I was game to buy one. 

  2. i’ve seen the guy who does these, and j.rotzstain has talked to him