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  1. I’d be interested to see past stats of voter turnout in Charlottetown elections with information about how many ran. I know the Island has a pretty good track record (compared to the rest of the country) when it comes to voter turnout. I wonder if we have a new phenomenon of candidate apathy, or if this is just the way things roll around here.

  2. Using the Elections PEI data for Charlottetown mayoral races, the turn out breaks out like this for the past 5 elections:
    1994, 64.9%
    1997, 66.2%
    2000, 56.4%
    2003, 57.3%
    2006, 58.7%

    voter turn out provincially is typically in the mid 80’s

  3. Re how many ran:

    1994, 35
    1997, 31
    2000, 21
    2003, 34
    2006, 23

  4. If those numbers reflect mayoral candidates, then we are at 22, putting us above our millenial election and behind 2006. If not, then we’ve got 19 candidates for 2010, which is the lowest of the lot above.

    Those voter turnout numbers are abysmal. We’re actively encouraging people to get out and vote via our congregation. We aren’t telling them how to vote, simply to get educated on who is running, what the issues are and then acting in their civic duty and voting.

    It is going to be hard to buck a decades old trend though…

  5. Sounds like an awful lot of councillors for a small number of voters. 10 for 32,000 means perhaps one councillor for every 2,500 people. Perhaps they would have more competitive races if they had a council of 4 members plus a mayor.