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  1. Its so great to see a city taking steps towards electoral reform. Any idea how it will work in practice? Will voters be able to vote for councilors in as many wards as they want?

  2. If I get my way, and Charlottetown implements a mixed electoral system, then we have a couple of options. Voters could get the ability to elect a single councilor (based on their geographic location or ward) and then could have (and this is where the options come in) the chance to cast another 5 votes (assuming we keep 10 councilors) for the ‘at-large’ candidates.

    The other option is for voters to get 4 (or less) votes to use on the 5 ‘at-large’ candidates. This would minimize the impact of voter blocks completely swaying council, forcing out other less voters who either by choice or circumstance did not organize into a voter block.

    Blending the systems is really the best bet and I imagine that council will hold some discussions around which sort of mixed system to implement, when the time comes.