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Events Guide: 4FUNDS Make Your Impact Halifax


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HALIFAX – 4Fund is an experiment to find out how creative four people can be when given $100 dollars and 100 minutes to change the world.

The event is simple.

1) Buy a ticket, sign up and invest $20 into the Halifax 4Fund
2) Your $20 turns to $100 when we link you up with three others and kick in an additional $20
3) Each group of four has 100 minutes and $100 to do something good for the community
4) Come back and enjoy a drink on us as we share tales of our team’s adventures improving Halifax

We don’t know what’s going to happen but it should be fun. Whether you decide to run around outside or plan a project with another group– it’s up to you. All we know is you have 100 minutes to get back to the Hub to get your free drink.

4Fund is presented by the Pepsi Refresh Project and produced by DreamNow, and the Hub Halifax.

WHAT: 4FUNDS; Make Your Impact Halifax
WHEN: Saturday, Dec 4th 3pm-7pm
WHERE: The Hub, 1673 Barrington St 2nd Floor
COST: $20 (includes free drink)
REGISTRATION: To pre-register go to the Eventbrite here; or register at the door.