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Events Guide: Lets Tango on the 12 Track!


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HALIFAX, MONCTON & MIRAMICHI – Listen to Karin Aurell, flutist and active performer in the region, play publicly at VIA Rail locations in Halifax, Moncton and Miramichi, March 3 – 11, 2011. Aurell will be performing Martin Kutnowski’s 12 Tango Etudes. This is a great opportunity to get out of your regular zone and enjoy free music in a relatively public space.

All shows start approximately one hour before the departure of the westbound train, and the performer is encouraging interested people to show up just to listen, joining the folks who are in the train station for travel. The VIA Rail shows are part of a larger national project titled New Music in New Places, the focus of which is to bring new Canadian music to a new audience by performing it in venues other than regular concert venues. The idea of performing in train stations is one that appeals to the flutist, partly because train stations tend to be good performance venues with good acoustics and exciting things going on, and also because they are places where people who are going from one place to another often end up spending a bit of time. It also evokes the performer’s youth, when she spent many hours busking and one of her favourite performance spots was an underground walkway connecting the Stockholm Central Station with that city’s subway system.

WHAT: Public Performances at VIA Rail Stations in Atlantic Canada
WHEN: March 3 at 11am, March 10 at 4pm and March 11 at 6pm
WHERE: Halifax, Moncton, and Miramichi (in order of above dates and times)

Karin Aurell is a passionate advocate for music written here and now, and has collaborated with many composers in the region, since moving here from Sweden in 2001. The present collaboration, with Argentinian-born New Brunswick composer Martin Kutnowski, is a very happy one – Martin’s music is exciting to perform and fun to listen to. Kutnowski received his composer training in Buenos Aires and New York, and currently teaches at Saint Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Aurell is a long-time orchestral player who moved here from her native Sweden to pursue a freelance career. She performs regularly with all the orchestras in the region, as well as in chamber and solo concerts. Karin, who loves recording, has two solo cd’s to her name, and plans to record Martin’s Etudes later this spring.

New Music in New Places is a national Canadian Music Centre project, which puts the focus on new Canadian music by presenting it in new or unusual venues across the country. So far, close to forty events have taken place in venues such as hotels, shopping malls and office buildings, industrial sites, a winery and a prison. The Canadian Music Centre gratefully acknowledges the support of the SOCAN Foundation and the Government of Canada through the Canada Music Fund.

The majority of the information in this events guide, was extracted from a press release issued by Peggy Walt.

Photo by <magic mom>, member of Spacing Atlantic’s flickr pool.