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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

From the Vaults: Then and Now

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The Nova Scotia Archives is pleased to share photos showcasing the changing faces of urban centers in Nova Scotia. You can learn more about the archives and explore thousands of photos, textual records, maps, art, and more on their website.

A “then and now” comparison of busy Halifax streets.

If you have a street, neighbourhood, or landmark you’d like to see covered in ‘From the Vaults,’ please leave a comment with your suggestions.

George Street

Looking towards Citadel Hill from the foot of George Street

George Street

Photo ca. 1879. Activity on the street indicates that it was market day.


Agricola Street


Tram accident on Agricola Street, ca. 1941

Barrington Street and Prince Street Intersection


Looking south on Barrington Street, ca. 1900


Argyle Street and George Street Intersection


Argyle Street at the corner of George Street, Halifax, showing pine coffins supplied to Snow & Co., Undertakers, second building from right, for victims of the explosion. Photo from December, 1917.



  1. I’d be interested to see something about Beechville — once known as ‘Refugee Hill’ it was one of the original communities where Black refugees were granted land after the American Civil War.  Just a stone’s throw from Bayer’s Lake, it’s now a subdivision. 

  2. Thanks for your suggestions! If there’s a good amount of images available for either of those topics, I’ll take a stab at it.