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Events Guide: The Fight that Saved Downtown Halifax

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HALIFAX = To celebrate one of the Ecology Action Centre’s (EAC) first successful campaigns that stopped plans for a four lane highway plowing through downtown Halifax,  there will be a picnic and demo at the Barrington Street Bus stop across from Scotia square overlooking the Cogswell Interchange today, Friday, April 22nd from 11:30am to 1:30pm. The picnic and demonstration at the monstrous Cogswell Interchange will recall the EAC’s struggle to prevent a four lane highway from obliterating downtown Halifax and most importantly the event will collectively imagine a brighter future for the existing monstrous Cogswell Interchange.

WHAT: EAC’s 40th Birthday Picnic and Demo
WHEN: Today – Friday, April 22nd (Earth Day), 11:30am – 1:30pm
WHERE: Barrington Street Bus Stop, across from Scotia Square overlooking the Cogswell Interchange

Today’s event celebrates one of EAC’s earliest victories and kicks off the organizations 40 Days of Action celebrating their 4o years of operation.

“We wanted to do something really big to celebrate forty years of action,” said Policy Director Mark Butler.  “We are organizing special events around the big issues in Nova Scotia: food, energy, water, and our coasts, climate change, environmental racism, forests, fisheries, sprawl and sustainable transportation.  There’s something for everyone.”

EAC was born out of a course at Dalhousie University in 1971.  Since then the organization has grown into Nova Scotia’s leading environmental non-profit organization.  This event kicks off the organization’s 40 Days of Action in celebration of 40 years of working to protect and enhance the environment on which we all depend. 40 days of action continues until May 31st, 2011 and will include other events such as local food potlucks, a memorial to crosswalk fatalities, a zombie walk; all of which are promised to be fun, engaging and to furthermore, demonstrate the many ways we can all take steps to live more sustainable lives.

For more information, contact Maggy Burns or visit Ecology Action Centre.

Photo by Crystal Melville