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Events Guide: April Critical Mass

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HALIFAX – Critical Mass is a monthly community cycling activity which allows anyone that can ride a bike a chance to safely ride on Halifax city streets for their own personal enjoyment and empowerment. While cyclists go to Critical Mass for several different reasons – social, political, recreational, environmental – many cyclists note ‘it feels pretty good to be the dominant force on the road for a change.’ In general, the Halifax Critical Mass group organizes group rides in an effort to advocate for safe, accessible and continuous bicycle infrastructure throughout HRM; to educate motorists to share the road (such as respecting the recently implemented 1-meter passing law); and, to reach out to those that have an interest in cycling and nurturing cycling culture.

WHAT: Critical Mass
WHEN: Friday, April 29th, 6pm
WHERE: Meet at Victoria Park (where South Park meets Spring Garden) & cycle various city streets

Critical Mass – Halifax – meets at Victoria Park, on the corner of Spring Garden Road and South Park Street, on the last Friday of every month at 6pm.

Photo by Spacing Magazine


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  1. A 1-meter passing law is impossible to enforce. It was just passed so that an otherwise unresponsive government apparatus can feel like it’s doing something. In reality, helmet laws and bad street planning discourage cycling all over the Maritimes.