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Events Guide: Up for Review – Saint John’s Draft Municipal Plan

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SAINT JOHN – In early 2010, the City launched PlanSJ to develop a new Municipal Plan to guide development over the next 25 years. We’ve been following it closely from the beginning and now, it’s almost here.

A draft Plan is being introduced to the public with an Open House today. It’s available here [PDF] for your reading pleasure, all 150+ pages of it.

Here’s an excerpt:

Policies contained in the Municipal Plan will help guide:

  • Capital expenditure and investment decisions by the City;
  • Decisions about where and how development occurs;
  • The Zoning and Subdivision By-laws as well as service based plans, or studies, as required to implement the Municipal Plan; and
  • The program for monitoring the Plan and for detailed neighbourhood planning.

To be concise, by replacing the current (and horribly) outdated Municipal Plan, the new version will specify areas for residential and commercial development (seeking to densify neighbourhoods rather than aiding sprawl) while also improving residents’ quality of life with investments in active transportation corridors, parks, etc.

Though engaged residents overwhelmingly desired compact urban core development (my perception), developers chided at being directed where development had to occur. The result was a Growth Strategy that tries to balance both these demands, a compromise solution that Common Council adopted unanimously.

If you haven’t made it to any of the previous public consultations yet, here’s your chance. Residents have 30 days to review and share their feedback after tonight’s presentation.

WHAT: Up for Review: Saint John’s Draft Municipal Plan
WHEN: Wednesday, June 15th – 5:30pm – 9:00pm Open House, 6:00pm Presentation
WHERE: Saint John High School, 170-200 Prince William Street

Photo by Gillian Barfoot, member of Spacing Atlantic’s flickr pool.



  1. What a great image! And, so good to read and learn about what’s going on with Saint John’s Municipal Plan. 

  2. Always love to see Gillian Barfoot’s pictures of the Port CIty.