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Atlantic Snapshots: Blast from the past

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Barrington Street, Halifax, NS, about 1915
Wm. Notman & Son
About 1915, 20th century


“Halifax, N.S.: Capital and commercial centre of the picturesque province of Nova Scotia, Halifax is charmingly situated on one of the most magnificent natural harbors of the world. It is one of Canada’s two Atlantic winter ports, with important trade to Europe, the United States, the West Indies, etc., and is also a large naval and military station. It is strongly fortified, chief of the fortifications being the Citadel, elevated 256 feet above sea-level, and commanding the city and harbor. Halifax was founded in 1749, when 5,000 British immigrants established themselves in an enterprise promoted by the Earl of Halifax. It speedily became a great naval station, from which campaigns were launched against the French and the “Thirteen Colonies.” When the independence of the latter was acknowledged, Halifax grew suddenly by the immigration of some thousands of United Empire Loyalists.[…]”

Photo courtesy of the McCord Museum.



  1. Nice! Love the brick road and the street car ties and all those people walking along Barrington. Nice picture indeed. 

  2. And soon after joining Canada, we lost all four banks, most major industry, and after the Halifax Explosion, it all went down hill from there – for good…

  3. It’s pretty bad that a picture from 1915 Halifax shows they had better mass transit THEN than NOW lol. What a shit hole this place is