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  1. Great to see the calls to action, I couldn’t agree more …

    Ben’s point about how municipal staff can adjust their perception of themselves (and their role in the community) is another nice nod to the fact that in many ways we already have what we need to succeed, we just have to take steps toward actualization as a community.

    I would say that this shift in attitude is not only needed by municipal staffers, but our colleagues in other level of government and the private sector as well.

  2. And, a hat-tip to HRM’s implementation of the Solar City project throughout 2013, approved by Council in 2012! Can’t wait to see its continuation in 2014!

    For 2014 – updating zoning bylaws (Sean’s note) to reflect our 21st century understanding of city growth would be where I’d love to see good effort. Many of our zoning bylaws are based in the 1970’s and attempt to preserve the built form of pre-1950, which are eras that do not reflect how people in HRM say they want to live in our Region.

    I think we have a perfect storm of tangible potential and a fabulous Council to get these jobs done well!

  3. Ben Wedge’s comment are most astute. A culture shift within HRM will positively affect everything else.