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  1. Haha. “Spaghetti Bowl!” Great description of the current setup. It’s very encouraging to see this coming forward on Wednesday. I expect the planned review will pass Council, which could make 2014 a huge year for transit in HRM.

  2. HRM needs water taxis and more service to outlying areas. We on the edges of HRM pay higher taxes since the damned amalgamation, but we don’t benefit from these “HRM overhauls”…they are NOT HRM overhauls – they are urban core overhauls.

  3. Will there be enough public input into the requirements and needs of citizens to justify proposed changes or we will simpy default to “staff” reports by so called experts in urban planning?
    What exactly determines enough public input to make such widespread changes?
    Will citizens get behind longer walks between stops?
    Will decisions be based on the imininent and constant future sprawl that is allowed in this city?
    Will transportation planning run parallel with development planning, or will developers continue to build at will and hope that the city can play catch up quick enough?

  4. When will an intermodal system be seriously proposed?