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  1. Very disappointed with the lack of commitment to Dartmouth being exhibited in municipal planning. The 2006 concept is brilliant and could be the making of a vibrant downtown Dartmouth. The greenway without daylighted Sawmill Creek and playground is not worthy of note at all.

  2. Living next door to the project, the noise (both people, equipment ), the dust, workmen smoking, all drifting towards my windows. It has gone on for, I’m sure 8 years. Losing use of my balcony every summer due to the noise & dust. I agree with the above, the watered down version will do nothing to attract foot traffic. We lost use of the green space, the lovely paved walkway and so much more. The ” powers that be” are very good at starting projects, projects that never get finished. This is another one to add to the list. I just want the use of my balcony back, peace & quiet, no dust coming at me.
    This is not progress, it is one big mess!!!