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  1. Please do not tear down the purple house! Too many lovely historic houses and beautiful mature trees have already been demolished.

    I am a home owner on Fern Lane and love this neighbourhood.

  2. Thanks for bringing this issue to light. Is there a crowdfunding campaign going on to purchase the house from Steele Auto Group?

  3. That house is gone. Time to move on.

    I get it… why have an EAC if they are completely inept? This place is only being pointed out in an attempt to save face. That because of the poor tactics used by them, no one in a position of authority will give them the time of day any longer. They need to go and get a real job at this point.

    * I realize this will be moderated and deleted… But you know it’s true

  4. This whole battle has been sad and predictable. The triumph of liberalism means that a community resigns itself to one measly house and begging a corporation to do the right thing. And now people are trying to crowdfund to buy the house. Good grief. At the very best, this liberal minded thinking has devastated a street and destroyed the spirits of community members for years to come.
    If you want actually change abandon the liberal appeal of power holders to do the right thing. Instead go out and organize and put your bodies against the oppressors. Direct action gets the goods, not empty moral slogans and think pieces.

  5. “No slum”

    That’s such a nice way of saying, “Save this one! It will fit in well with the gentrifying neighborhood!”

    Honestly, this type of yuppie bs is why I have trouble caring about the Homes Not Hondas campaign. Instead of standing for the North End’s most vulnerable residents, we get “Nice middle class people, not Hondas”. Sorry that it makes no difference to me. Hell, maybe the ugly car dealership will push the inflated value of surrounding houses down.

  6. ehm, you realize you that the exact reason they want to demolish the red house will be the same one why you want to keep it – EXPOSURE. but they own it already. bummer.

  7. Great work, Tristian. Tireless and passionate pursuit.

    “Giving up is the only sure way to fail.” – Gena Showalter