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Come to the Spacing Edmonton Party Zombie Wall edition!

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WHAT: Summer kick-off Party for Spacing Edmonton (It’s also our 3-Month Anniversary!)
WHEN: Tuesday, July 2nd, 6PM
WHERE: The Common, 9910 109 St by Grandin LRT
RSVP: Feel free to RSVP on our Facebook listing

Spacing Edmonton is unveiling one dynamic campaign for this fall’s municipal election. VOTE ZOMBIE WALL seeks to make “sustainable urban development” part of Edmonton’s municipal campaign conversation. It encourages people to ask candidates for mayor and council questions about how they will support sustainable urban development.

Metro News Release: Curb sprawl, fight zombies argues Edmonton election campaign

Spacing Edmonton pushes readers to think critically about how they can shape the public spaces that surround their everyday lives. And as a result we want to facilitate a discussion that poses the following crucial questions to Edmonton’s candidates for mayor and council:

  • How will YOU support the development of communities as opposed to new neighbourhoods?
  • How will YOU encourage infill development and curb urban sprawl?
  • How will YOU encourage transit ridership, bicycle ridership and walkable neighbourhoods?
  • How will YOU support locally owned businesses, locally grown food and locally made goods?
  • How will YOU support downtown vibrancy?