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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

2013 | Issue 27

National edition

The fourth national edition of Spacing is the magazine’s second largest to date (96 pages)! On the cover you find James Cunningham, the host of the Food Network show “Eat St.” Sarah Hood sits down with the charming Canadian comedian to find how what makes a good food truck city and how the show has helped revolutionize the food truck industry.

There are other great features inside this issue such as senior editor John Lorinc’s essay on what we talk about when we talk about “city building.” Taras Grescoe — the author of Straphanger, a 300-page love letter to transit systems around the world — prescribes five remedies to what ails Canada’s public transit. Ivor Tossell explores the array of new tech tools that are shaping our cities. You can also find an extended excerpt from contributing editor Edward Keenan’s new book Some Great Idea, a look back on Toronto’s 15 years of amalgamation. We profile three amazing city leaders in Toronto, Calgary and Saskatoon. And editor Shawn Micallef examines the state of modernist Canadian architecture and the ever-growing need to preserve the best remaining examples of mid-century buildings.
cover photo by Chloe Ellingson