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Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Reinier de Graaf’s recently published book, Architect, Verb.: The New... Read More

LORINC: Speaking truth to power about Therme’s mega-spa

Tomorrow will be an all-day spa event in Toronto. The day will end with an online “consultation” session at 6pm... Read More

Tools to address the affordable housing crisis facing Canada

In 2019, Canada adopted the National Housing Strategy Act, which commits all governments in Canada to “progressive realization of the... Read More

LORINC: Is the 15-minute city’s 15 minutes up yet?

By way of spoiler alert, I’ll begin by saying I have no intention of wasting my time (or yours) rebutting the lunacy of the... Read More

OP-ED: The emergence of the Airbnb rental shadow market is harming tenants

A few weeks ago, a story broke about a family of five who relocated to Toronto from Switzerland for a ten-month work assignment... Read More

ELECTION: Voter turnout in 2022

Ever since John Tory was elected mayor of Toronto in 2014, voter turnout in municipal elections has been in decline. In 2010, the year... Read More

S101S – Understanding Density: Net vs. Gross Density

What is the difference between “net” and “gross” density, and how do these relate to urban planning? In... Read More

LORINC: Where will the mayoral candidates stand on Ontario Place?

Here’s a question for the women and men positioning themselves for a run at the mayor’s chair: Do you think Therme’s... Read More

PODCAST: Spacing Radio 069, Worst Case Ontario

We’re back for 2023, and there is… a lot to catch up on. To begin, Emma McIntosh, Ontario reporter for The Narwhal, guides... Read More

Black History Month: Jack White and the Bloor Viaduct strike action

Almost lost in Toronto’s vault of Black history is a case of racial discrimination in the spring of 1964 that nearly prevented the... Read More