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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

2015 | Issue 36

National Issue

The 36th edition of Spacing is our special summer reading issue. We’ve packed the issue with fantastic articles about urbanism in cities across Canada.

• We reveal the 2015 winners of the Jane Jacobs Prize, awarded annually by Spacing to people who are making a positive impact on urban life in Toronto over the long-term.
• Senior editor John Lorinc leads an investigation into why City of Toronto has pocketed over $250-million from developers to buy park space but has no plan and little oversight
• In Edmonton, our editor Paul Giang explores how to preserve the local history of Chinatown.
• We detail the 25-plus years it has taken to develop the West Don Lands in Toronto, home of the 2015 Pan Am Games
• What’s so special about the Vancouver Special? This unique house is part of the west coast city’s distinctive feel