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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

Issue 21 /// Canada’s 100 Best Public Spaces

Spacing is finally going national! And what better place than the Design Exchange — the exhibition hall that showcases the best in Canadian design — to host the launch of the magazine’s first national issue. Come out and celebrate with the editors and contributors. There will be drinks and activities to be had, plus you’ll get a chance to see the amazing photo exhibit by Guy Tillim on the rise and fall of Modernism in post-colonial African cities.

While the look and feel of the magazine is no different than the local Toronto edition, the content focuses on the joys, obstacles, and politics affecting Canada’s large urban centres. Articles touch on topics like street performing in Victoria, Calgary’s plans to build its arts community, how Ottawa’s marathon is becoming more urban, and how the seasonal pedestrian mall on rue Ste.-Catherines has been a boon for local businesses.