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Who is painting the manhole covers?

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I’m not just asking — I really want to know. Over the past month, somebody has painted dozens of manhole covers around Mile End, on Park Avenue, Bernard Street and St. Viateur Street. It’s quite a lovely endeavour, adding a bit of colour to the sidewalk while drawing attention to an overlooked but essential piece of civic infrastructure.

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  1. I remember some people use to do stuff around the city but actually I can’t figure what was their name… There’s one at the corner of Mont-Royal and Jeanne-Mance. (not talking about a manhole but ground painting *nice ground painting*)

  2. You’re probably thinking of Roadsworth who got into some trouble with the city for his artwork (I believe he was sentenced to community service which had him ironically doing artwork around the city). He was written about in the Spacing magazine last year:

  3. Aha! I found out whose doing this.
    It’s Dare Dare, an art collective orerating out of the Park With No Name in Mile End.

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