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Urbania and TV5 launch Montréal en 12 Lieux

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It’s been five days since Kate sent her readers to the teaser for Montréal en 12 Lieux and just based on how awesome the video they made for it was (now the background for the site, albeit somewhat obscured) I couldn’t wait to see what it was going to be all about.

The site has finally launched and it is indeed pretty cool in how it attempts to show the city from twelve different points of view. Only four are available right now but a new topic is added each day. The four currently online focus on the male strip bar Club 281, The Berri Métro station, a flea market in St-Michel, and the music venue Cité 2000. Each topic allows you to explore further through various types of media such as video, interviews, sounds, and photos. Other topics for the future include the corner of Ste-Catherine and St-Laurent, the mountain, Place Ville Marie among others.

The project is a collaboration between Urbania Magazine and TV5 although I’m not entirely sure how it ties in with either. I believe the website is the base and the magazine will use it for stories and a television programme on TV5 will expand on it. I’m not sure though.

Lets talk about this in the comments section. What does everyone think? Did you learn anything interesting or find a neat section in one of the topics? What I’m especially interested in is the television show. Can anyone with a TV comment of what the programme is like?



  1. its also apparently the music that is used in the background for the website as well, but i cant navigate the website to read any of the information because i can only read english, but if anyone could tell me what the name of this music piece is or where i can get it, i would greatly apreciate it.

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