1. There was a Canadian company who did street view maps in Toronto in Montreal before Google, using the same technique (it was a Google maps mash-up, with a lower frame showing street level images). Unfortunately I don’t remember their URL or know what has become of them.

  2. Jay: That’s it! The site was registered 2005/10/25 and has been up for a while, but Google gets all the credit.

  3. I thought I heard a rumour that part of the Google Maps or Erath team was based in Montreal. Hrm. Need to look into that. :)

  4. Virtualcity is pretty extensive for Montreal and Toronto but only gives photos from the sides much like a9.com used to have (they seem to have completely changed the site from a regular search engine to a “e-commerce site search engine”). Street View gives panoramic photos where you can look up and down and all around you as well as the ability yo “drive” down the street.

    My roommate and I found his old house in San Diego along with his sister’s car with her license plate clearly legible.

    I remember reading that Google had their Street View car roaming the streets of Montreal over the summer so I’m sure it won’t be long until we can use the technology.

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