If Calgary can do it, why can’t we?

I’ve written before about posters and, in particular, the need for more legal postering space in Montreal. My recent trip to Calgary revealed that, even there, the city provides plenty of spots for people to glue their posters. The fact that most of Calgary’s posters are bland and uninspired, while many in Montreal are works of art, only exacerbates an already unfair situation.


  1. While I can understand the good intentions of your post, and the fact that Montreal’s lack of formal poster space can have some negative consequences, I also think the very lack of formality is what makes Montreal so vibrant… whereas Calgary is just boring. I say, keep the posters on the light posts.

  2. Oh, definitely — I’m not saying that posters should be shunted from lammposts to legal spaces. I also think that unrestricted postering should be allowed. But even then, a few dedicated postering spaces should really be provided on streets with a lot of posters. The goal should be to allow for more and more posters, not less.

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