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Toronto Tuesday : Telephone booths, Subway screen doors, and Metrolinx

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Each Tuesday, Spacing Montreal will share with you some posts from our sister blog, Spacing Toronto. We hope it will enable constructive dialogue on the urban issues faced by both cities, though we’ll settle for some witty jibes against la Ville reine in the comments.

The nostalgia of phone booths :  Ceding to the advance of cellular technology, public phone booths are quickly disappearing from our streets. In an effort to capture some of the last remaining “retro” booths in Toronto, Matthew Blackett walked the CNE grounds armed with his camera.

Screen doors on subway platforms : The TTC is looking into installing screen doors on its subway platforms. This article wonders if the cost of the installation aimed at stopping suicide jumpers might be better spent elsewhere.

Metrolinx consultation extended : The public consultation deadline for the comprehensive transportation plan for the entire greater Toronto and Hamilton area being developed by Metrolinx (former GTTA) has been extended. It seems this consultation has real weight in shaping what is to come for the region -and therefore begs comparison to what is happening in Montreal with our Notre-Dame “not an” expressway.


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