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Toronto Tuesday : Toronto Urban Centre, Bungalow Cool, and New park

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Each Tuesday, Spacing Montreal will share with you some posts from our sister blog, Spacing Toronto. We hope it will enable constructive dialogue on the urban issues faced by both cities, though we’ll settle for some witty jibes against la Ville reine in the comments.

Does Toronto need an Urban Centre? : Following the closure of Ballenford Books, Toronto is left with no physical venue where the city’s urban issues are exhibited and debated. Shawn Micallef imagines the creation of a Toronto Urban Centre. As much a museum as a research centre, it would THE place to go to know what is happening in the city.

Architecture fetish : Bungalow Cool : Thomas Wicks looks at pre-war bungalows in Toronto, when the type was the exception rather than the norm. Not too many of us know that these ubiquitous dwellings have their origin in India…

Old Golf Course Park? : A new public park is being planned on the land directly east of Fort York. Part of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation’s residential development, the park should open in 2011 but is still, to this day, nameless. Josh Hume and spacing wire readers imagine what could be its name.


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