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Photo(s) du jour: Cycling on planks

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Corner of Saint-Denis and De Maisonneuve, looking west.

Corner of Saint-Denis and De Maisonneuve, looking east.

Biking along De Maisonneuve on the recently named Claire-Morissette bike path I noticed the change of surface and the works en cours in the UQAM area, between Sanguinet and Berri. Riding on the planks was pleasant enough, yet made me slow down somewhat, which is what I suppose is the purpose of these planks.



  1. Nah, it’s for the Just for Laughs festival, not for the bikes, I believe. Pretty, though.

  2. yup it looks like a way of unloading stuff from trucks in the street through the bike path.

  3. Good observations there, Tristou and Gabriel, certainly makes sense. I just assumed it was to be more permanent because was so neatly done (relatively speaking…).

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