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  1. Cyclists following the bike-path direction arrows correctly?

    Are you SURE this photo was taken in Montreal?

    Take a photo on new bike path link on hutchinson south of pine or Clark south of Laurier to see how well cyclists follow the “Arrows indicate your side of the street” concept.

    I do applaud the city to indicate where bike paths cross streets. Such markings are urgently needed on St-Joseph where the Clark street bike path cross it. Cars stop at the red light and block the bike path, just when it is possible for the cyclists to safely cross St-Joseph, except cars are gridlocked on the bike path traverse. This is a dangerous situation that has gone on for years, a danger the city id ignoring completely. Civisme anybody? Ha!

  2. Les cyclistes n’avaient pas le choix d’être du bon coté, il a pris la photo en bloquant la moitiée de la piste !

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