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Close, but no cigar

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bike rack, plaza st-hubertI frequently notice that parking posts with bike rings are installed as far out of the way of pedestrians as possible. I don’t disagree with this on principle — sidewalks are primarily for pedestrians, and bike parking takes up space. But in many cases, the posts are so close to the buildings that only one bike can be parked at each. On occasion I’ve wedged my bike between the post and the building successfully, but sometimes my basket makes this impossible.

It seems like just a few more inches out and two bikes could normally be parked on each post. It’s kind of a shame. But given the less-than-ideal bike-parking situation in our fair ville it feels so wrong to complain.



  1. Other complaints about the bicycle-donuts:
    – horizontal orientation makes it difficult to get through a wheel, especially with a U-lock
    – the height can be problematic depending on the bike

  2. It isn’t really possible along the Plaza St-Hubert, but it can be a better idea to create bicycle parking in the street itself, in parking spaces reserved for cars beforehand, as is the case in front of La Maison de la bicyclette and some other locations. Perhaps the cross streets?

    But there already are some of the typical bicycle racks alongside St-Hubert – just very few of them, and some of those blocks are very long.

    Not far from there, the many bicycle racks at Jean-Talon Market fill up very quickly.

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