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  1. There used to be a Swing Bridge over the Lachine Canal at Atwater until 1951 or so, and when Ships were passing through, Traffic was held up causing MASSIVE Delays.

    There also used to be a Swing Bridge at Wellington St. which Carried Streetcars and it too was replaced by a Tunnel in the 1930s. The Streetcars had their Own ‘Tubes’ and the Road Tunnels Flanked them.

    From the Sidewalk in the Road Tunnel you could Watch the Streetcar’s Lights Flash Past the Tunnel Wall ‘Windows’, or See the Autos through the Windows in the Tunnel Walls when Riding a Streetcar.

    The Following Photo shows a Westbound Car Exiting the Wellington Tunnel as it Approaches Bridge St. One of the Towers for the CN Lift Bridge is Visible to Right.

    This Streetcar would have had Two Men, a Motorman at the Front, and a Conductor at the Rear. The Green/Cream Colour lets the waiting Passengers know to get on at the Rear.

    A Cream/Red Car was One-Man and you Boarded at the Front.

    The Yard Locomotive is Transferring Passenger Coaches to Pointe St. Charles Shops for Servicing.

    The Approaches to the Old Wellington Street Bridge used to be still Visible in the Canal Walls Upstream from the Ventilation Towers.

    The Single-Track Train Swing Bridge Downstream of the Wellington St. Tunnel was used in the Movie ‘The Railrodder’ with Buster Keaton c. 1963.

    The Large Double-Track Train Bridge beyond used to be a Twin Span Lift Bridge, it’s Towers being Demolished in 1967.

  2. That’s a nice view of Westmount from the Canal

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