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Treestump Garden

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Treestump Garden closer

The other day while biking up Laval st. in the Plateau, I passed by this entirely charming reclamation of a treestump. It was obvious that someone had lovingly filled the hollow with black soil and planted this pretty array of flowers and plants. I liked it so much I had to take a picture. Usually I examine stumps very closely out of sheer curiousity. I like to count the rings and figure out how old a tree that big is. Sometimes they have graffiti carved into them. But this discovery was a sheer delight.

Treestump Garden close

Here is a full frontal view.

Treestump Garden in situ

And this is the stump from the front, hanging out on the sidewalk, just being beautiful.



  1. This is such a great way to actually do something with these tree stumps, since it could take the City another ten years before workers finally get around to removing them.

  2. i loooove this garden too. i seem to remember different plants at the beginning of the summer though. maybe they are just done blooming, but at the beginning of the summer, this garden was even more beautiful. :)

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