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Get your bus schedules on the fly

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Students will start getting their Opus cards soon, but for those who have snapped up Apple’s iPhone, perhaps from the shiny new Apple Store on Ste. Catherine Street, will get to play with a new transit-related application. STM Mobile, available for download from Apple for 99 cents, is an attractive and interactive timetable for the STM’s bus and metro lines. As Fagstein notes, however, the poor saps who are still using humdrum mobile phones can always turn to, a lightweight website that also contains timetable information.

If you’re one of those odd people who eschew mobile phones altogether, my friend Sam has made a series of wallet-friendly bus schedule “crib notes” on which the schedule of your favourite bus routes can be printed.





  1. I got the app the other day it kinda quickly became indispensable. Very worth of the $1.20 with tax.

  2. Not as consumer-sexy as an iPhone, but a small, wire-spine notebook* from the dollar store works pretty well.

    *(pen not included)

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