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This weekend~cette fin de semaine: 2008 Fête Bio-Paysanne

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Fête Bio-Paysanne 2007Cette fin de semaine, de vendredi à dimanche, La Tohu (une organization qui est associer avec l’École nationale de cirque) sera l’hôte de la cinquième édition de la Fête Bio-Paysanne.

Je n’ai pas y allé encore mais cette année je suis heureux d’y aller. La site Web à beaucoup des détails qui je ne vais pas raconter içi, mais attendez le marché, échantillons alimentaires, animaux de ferme, visites guidées du Complexe environnemental de Saint-Michel, et plus. J’espère que le méteo sera coopérer!

Maintenant, je voudrais savoir comment y aller en vélo.


This weekend, from Friday to Sunday, La Tohu (an organization affiliated with the National Circus School) will host the fifth annual Fête Bio-Paysanne.

I’ve never gone before, but I’m excited to go this year. The Web site has lots of details which I won’t recount here, but expect a market, food samples, farm animals, guided tours of the St-Michel environmental complex, and more. I hope the weather cooperates.

Now I just have to figure out what route to take and what kind of bike ride to expect.

[map ~ carte]



  1. Cycling directions: The Christophe-Coulomb bike path (the extention of the Breboeuf bike path) crosses the 40 very close to the Tohu, and then you take rue Jacques-Casseault, cross Papineau, and then can reach the Tohu by passing over the parking lots of the Maxi and the Canadian Tire, or behind those big box buidings over a road that will be part of the big park that is being created there. (Google Maps doesn’t like that parking lot part, but it isn’t hard).

    Or take Jarry Boulevard from Christhope-Coulomb, but the underpass of Jarry and the 40 is very busy and messy and not great territory for cyclsts.

  2. That’s really helpful; thank you! I’m constantly expanding my cycling horizons but I’ve never crossed the 40 and it seems like a scary prospect if you don’t know the best streets to take. I think I’ll try your first suggestion.

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