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Photo du jour: Under the overpass

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This part of Côte-St-Paul is one of the strangest parts of Montreal I’ve ever been to.  Dilapidated houses, graffiti covered abandoned store fronts, auto repair shops, and new condo construction all sit in the shadow of an overpass connecting to the Turcot Interchange.  The area has an unsettling post-apocalyptic feel to it.

Photo taken June 3, 2007



  1. Perhaps on the surface… But scratch under the surface of things a bit, and you’ll find a community, rich in history and spirit… Something Worth Saving!

    Documentary in the making:
    turcot teaser2

    The Round Table Mobilized around Turcot created their own website to inform the public of their findings:

    Discussion Forum:

    Re neighborhood:

    Print media coverage: (Concordia)

    Online Petition:

  2. This isn’t the place that he’s talking about. Cazelais is further north in St-Henri.

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