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Calling all Montrealophiles: Free tickets to Memoires des Anges @ Cinema Ex-centris

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angels1.jpgRemember how annoyed you would get when your Mom would take pictures at family events? That is, until you grew up and realized how lucky you were to have someone documenting your experiences. In “Memoires des Anges“, the NFB is like your Mom, and your childhood is like Montreal of 50 years ago. Watching this film, a loving re-mix of dozens of documentary and live-action films from Montreal in the 50’s and 60’s, one realizes how lucky we are to have an institution like the NFB contibute to our collective memory. The film blends local music from the era with an exploration of the neighbourhoods, peoples, conflicts, and gravitas of a Montreal that is now unrecognizable in many respects. This is the Montreal of Mordecai Richler and neon signs and families living on top of each other and the Catholic church and emerging nationalism and so many other relics of the city.

The film, recent winner of the Cinémathèque québécoise Grand Prize at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema, is playing this week for a limited time at the Ex-Centris theatre on St. Laurent. Spacing Montreal is offering two free tickets, graciously donated by the NFB, to the first person who can name the still-standing diner featured in Richler’s The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. Post your answer below, and go see this film!



  1. Famous I think for some sort of fried bologna sandwich or something equally unhealthy , lol !

  2. Jody, I hate to be Regis Philbin, but can I have your final answer?

  3. Well, no clarification from Jody, so I’m gong to play King Solomon and split the tickets in two: One for Jody, for her initial correct answer of Wilensky’s, and one for Peter, for his elongated, emphatic and also correct answer. The ticket information will be sent to your respective e-mail addresses. Enjoy the movie, and remember, don’t wait too long: tomorrow might be its last night at Ex-Centris.

  4. We seem to be having some unfortunate timing issues, Jody- I only saw your comments after I posted.

    Sorry Tessa, but Jody and Peter are the co-winners.

  5. Man, I just had a Special at Wilensky’s a few days ago and that place has not changed at all! Ruth is just as friendly, and the Cherry Soda is just as delicious. Quite an experience.

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