Montage du jour : L’hôtel Couillard

Vers 1890-2008

Construit en 1877, cet édifice situé dans le quartier St-Henri, fut connu comme étant l’hôtel Couillard de 1879 à 1896.


  1. Well, this is interesting. My wife and I are the owners of these buildings, since 2002. We have put a lot into the buildings but mostly to the interior. If there would be money to fix up the exterior I would do so. It would cost a bomb. If you pass by you will notice that we have been working on the courtyard that spans between the triplex and the building in the back (can only barely see the back building in this photo).

  2. hm. looks like some of the original work (the door, balcony, and windows at the “front” of the building for example) were just covered over with siding. i wouldn’t bother restoring the exterior until the siding needs to be replaced, not very cost effective. but when that time comes it would be beautiful to restore it, indeed.

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