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Hunting season in Montreal

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Police and wildlife agents spent hours tracking a wild deer through Parc-ex this morning, before managing to corner it in a fenced in area near a train yard in Outremont. It was tranqued and released near Farnham in the Eastern Townships. Wildlife officers speculated that the deer, a young male in heat, swam across the river from Laval in search of a mate. La Presse comments that the cops camo pants, worn a union pressure tactic, were unusually a propos.

In other news, a dog was mortally wounded by a beaver trap on Ile-des soeurs last week. The borough of Verdun issued an apology, stating that officials had not been advised that the private firm they hired to lay the traps had switched from catch-and-release cages to more deadly trapping methods, after a change in provincial policy. Four such traps were placed on Ile des Soeurs by “a professional trapper who specializes in this kind of intervention,” but have been recalled following the dog’s death.

The borough is attempting to control the local beaver population in order to counter the supposedly devastating effects of the animals on the island’s trees.


  1. Nun’s Island is just one tragedy after the other. I can’t mention details beyond saying that 400 members of one species were moved from one point on the island to another – a species very close to being on Quebec’s endangered species list. All was fine until they got landscaped over. Like, exactly who is running the show over there?

  2. At least they didn’t shoot it, like the one that was on the loose over in the Dorval Shopping Centre earlier this year.

  3. I can name another species on Nun’s Island that are having a “devastating effect on the trees”. Coincidentally, the are also having a “devastating effect on the trees” of Mount Royal, home of Beaver Lake.

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