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  1. Well, that’s simply untrue – wink or no wink.

  2. J. – It’s always seemed to me that Quebec has a particular propensity towards bizarre public art. I’m having flashbacks to every Juste Pour Rire event i’ve ever stumbled upon. (Is a 3000-egg omelet being prepared in the middle of Ontario street really comedic?)

    But please feel free to counter with examples from other cities.

  3. Actually, it isn’t much more of a deviation than the damned mess linking the CP railway cycle path to the Clark/St-Urbain path. Few people actually take the official path, so they wind up riding on the sidewalk on St-Urbain just south of the viaduct. Wish they could repair that.

    I heard an artist on CBC Homerun (if I recall) yesterday talking about building a catapult at the du Parc/des Pins intersection. At least it was funny – but something significant must be built/designed there.

  4. C’est de bon gout je trouve. On dirait qu’Alanah trouve qu’il y a trop d’art public à Montréal?

  5. location is lachine canal at charlevoix (east of atwater)

  6. It’s a shame we don’t see in the photo the yellow traffic sign that reproduces the form. It’s shown on the website, though, although in this photo appears to not even be there. Hmm… someone stealing art? Tsk tsk tsk.

  7. Le panneau routier a été enlevé, car il a été tellement graffitié qu’il en est devenu méconnaissable.

  8. dommage que le panneau a été enlevé. Je m’en rappelle et c’était très drole. L’oeuvre perd un peu son ‘punch line’ sans le panneau.

    Jasmin – je ne voulais pas donner l’impression que je crois qu’il y TROP d’art public dans la ville – Mais avoue que y’a un style particulier d’ici… de l’art public avec un “punch line”, je trouve ca très Montéal, non?

  9. The idea of the sign is so clever. It’s sad that such things are just not possible to keep in Montreal because grashitti (graffiti morons/ taggers) will always be there to destroy them. I wonder why with all the scientific research going on in Montreal, nobody has came up with a good solution against grashitti. Such a beautiful city completely controlled by such a destructive force.

  10. how is this art? because it was made by an artist?

    so if a spaghetti bike path is art, does that make the turcot spaghetti aerial roads an art masterpiece?

    any public funds put into this?

    please explain this to an art sceptic.

  11. Brembo, I’m going to do the wrong thing here and quote Wikipedia:

    “Art is the process or product of deliberately and creatively arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.”

    In this case I find the thing funny. I would have probably smiled/laughed at it if I had found it myself while biking and if I were with someone we would wonder and comment about who and why they made it. So it appeals to my emotions and thus it is art for me. Others who know more about the bike paths here (see Maria Gatti’s comment above) would find it more funny/political as it probably makes reference to the fact that people use whatever path is provided to them regardless of the consequences (in this case a delay and probably a very stupid fall). That would probably make for the “creative” element.

    The “sign” idea made the whole thing funnier in my opinion.

    Anyway, I am probably as skeptical as you are about the things people call “art,” specially what “hipsters” call “art” (i.e., almost everything that is made by a person, even if that person was not meaning to do anything artistic, and specially if nobody paid that person to do it), so I understand that you don’t call it “art,” and “art” would not have been the first word that came to my mind after seeing this. Actually the word “art” would have never come to my mind if I had not read this article, but somehow after reading too many blogs I got used to widening the definition of art as much as possible.

    Vandalism will never enter the definition though. Graffiti tagging will always be as artistic as making poo.

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