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If you think the Metro is crowded…

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…be glad you don’t live here!


The comments section on the YouTube page say this is in Japan.  If the Metro today feels packed to the rims with Christmas shoppers carrying oversized bags, now you know how much worse it could be.



  1. J’ai de la difficulté à comprendre comment les autorités peuvent permettre quelque chose d’aussi dangereux en cas d’accidents…

  2. I woouldn’t want the job as one of those pusher guys.I bet they get punched sometime for doing their job!

  3. La japon souffre de tres mauvaise organisation du a des veilles traditions qui dates de plusieurs siecles. Genre des villes entieres qui ne peuvent faire autre commerce que le commerce alimentaires. Un redeistricting mieux organiser pourrait surment regler un tel achallandage.

  4. Weird, I’m somewhat acquainted with the guy who took that video through another blog. The video has nothing to do with failblog. The person who took it gets pretty offended when other people take credit for it, and prefers to link to the original version on google video at which has a full explanation of why he took it.

    The video is from 1991, before flex-time was common in Tokyo and when everyone had to be at their office by 9:00am sharp. Apparently service has improved and it’s much better in 2008, though still worse than the metro here.

    I know fighting copyright infringement on the internet is a pretty sisyphean task, but it’d be great if you could give proper attribution to Lyle Saxon.

    Dave/Alex: C’est une vieille vidéo de 1991. Il vaut mieux en 2008.

  5. oh my god
    how has no one died yet!?
    if that were the metro here I wouldn’t even bother to take it.
    that’s ridiculous.

  6. I’d like to see the doors open at the next stop. Pop!

    what’s wkrjwerjlkwerj?
    can’t believe i just typed that. and diligently, i might add.

  7. Been there, done that :) I lived there for a year and it’s usually not that bad. Believe it or not, you actually get used to it. Being tall certainly helped me :) Since then, I never felt packed in the Montreal subway.

    I’m guessing that since the station is outdoor, it must be pretty far from the business district and people are set for an hour or so ride :)

    One thing to remember: Japanese trains are more like Toronto trains – they are much wider and longer than our metro wagons and some wagons have 5 doors. Also during rush hour, and on busy lines, seats are stowed away allowing for a configuration with a lot of room. You never miss your station with these newer models. Also, Japanese wagons have A/C so it’s not too hot in there.

    I was impressed the first time but quickly got over it. You just put some music on, close your eyes and think about the beach :)

  8. Denis Canuel : This, or you sleep during the hour long trip.
    Hey.. nearly everyone does so there! hehe

    I haven’t seen any pusher-man, even in shinjuku station in crazy hours. So I guess it got a lot better.

  9. This video was stolen from me. I took it with my own two hands in 1991 and then I originally posted it to GoogleVideo in April of this year, and then later on YouTube. The original posting is here:

    Any my YouTube post is here:

    If you want to reference this video, please use the original post or to my YouTube post. Please don’t promote the thieves who have stolen this and pretend that it is theirs.


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