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Psychogeography Society to explore Ahuntsic this Saturday

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This Saturday, the Montreal Psychogeography Society (Facebook group) will come out of hibernation to host its first walk of the year.  This walk will take place in the northern neighbourhood of Ahuntsic, meeting at the Sauvé Metro station at 13:00.

For those not familiar with the Psychogeography Society, it’s basically just a fancy way of describing a group of people going for a walk together.  Psychogographers get together at a set place and time and try to take the road less travelled to destinations unknown.  There is no route and nobody leads, the group simply goes where the group goes, making interesting and unexpected discoveries along the way.  Walking in a group allows many sets of eyes to make these discoveries and the varied knowledge and observations of different members of the group make for interesting conversation.

Past walks have taken psychogeographers to the Falaise St-Jacques, Hochelaga, St-Michel, and Upper Westmount, among other places around the city.  A feature story was written in the Mirror last year which we also wrote about here which should get you up to speed with the history of psyochogeography and what it’s all about.  So, if you have a couple hours to spare this Saturday, join the psychogeographers for a stroll and discover an unknown part of the city, or, rediscover a familiar place.

For more information on this week’s walk, visit the Facebook invitation.


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