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Watch NFB: Orange, an animated short by Sylvie Trouvé

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Editor: Spacing is pleased to announce we’ve partnered with the National Film Board of Canada to showcase films from their new online screening room. Matt Forsythe of the NFB will be occasionally posting films here on Spacing that explore our public spaces, Canadian or international cities and anything urban. The NFB is one of Canada’s greatest resources; check out what else they’re offering online.

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Hey, so let’s kick this series off with the premiere of this awesome new animation by Toronto (now-Montreal) animator, Sylvie Trouvé.

The one-minute film breaks the city of Montreal into winking beats – incorporating local landmarks – with a score composed completely of natural city sounds.

Sylvie made the film as part of the Hothouse emerging animator program at the NFB. There’s an interview with her over on the NFB blog:

I love animation, photography and exploring on my bike. The idea of combining these three to make a film really got me going. However what really inspired me was this willow tree last summer. It was really dancing like a human, dancing as if it was moving on its own. It gave me this idea of how interesting it could be to see things move to a different rhythm, especially inanimate objects like buildings or statues.

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  1. Hmmm, no film shows, just a black rectangle. I’ve tried on multiple browsers. Any fix? I’d love to see this film!

  2. I just watched it and it worked fine. Nice peice of work, by the way.

  3. Maybe they’re blocking it from work. I can watch YouTube, but not beautiful art from NFB. That’s America for you (I write from California).

  4. also, some web content is only viewable in canada, and vice versa.

    this was a lovely little short, and i recognized so many things from my neighborhood!

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